Heyyyy everybody long time no see I just thought I’d share the link to my story for the ziall fic exchange now that the authors have been revealed!!!

Maybe You’re my Picket Fence

I worked really hard on it so if you read it maybe let me know what you think???

Thanks <3 Jen

Ziall Fic Exchange

Anonymous: "Kiss fic?"

Ah ok i feel like a big ol’ heap of shit for making you wait so long for this fic and I SWEAR i have worked on it a bit since your last message, i have the entire fic plotted out i just need to fill in the blanks but unfortunately i did this really dumb thing where I signed up for not one but two fic exchanges and the one’s deadline is literally monday so i’m trying to finish that up and then i will have to dedicate all my time to the second one which ends early oct. But i PROMISE once i have submitted that fic i will not even THINK of writing any other story but kiss fic you have my word, but now i’m like afraid it’s not going to worth the wait for you, but I will try and I still think it’s going to be super cute…but then what do i know lol. Thank you for being so patient wih me i don’t deserve it for making you wait THIS long but you’ve stuck with me this long anyway and I really appreciate it!!!

<3 Jen

Anonymous: "Sorry to sound impatient and rude, but have you finished writing the kiss prompt?"

You’re not being rude at all and i feel like such a shit bc i promised this fic ages ago and honestly i expected it to be done by now like it was gonna be this short little one shot but it grew longer….like it got a bit out of control and it’s not like a monster or anything but there’s a lot more than i originally intended to it so that’s what’s taking so long plus some things in real life have changed and i dun have as much free time for writing at the moment but i SWEAR i haven’t forgotten about this fic :/


Give a Smile, join the Ziall fic exchange

Anonymous: "No problem! I'm just really excited to are how it turns out !!!"

Working on it today ;) hopefully have it posted tonight if i don’t get distracted/interrupted!!!

Anonymous: "How's that kiss prompt coming along:)"

It’s going really well actually i have most of it written i just need to type what i have upand obvs finish it off lol but thank you for reminding me i kind of left it on the backburner for a minute unintentionally :/


What is a fic exchange?

You will write a fic for someone based on their request and someone else will be writing a fic for you based on your request. This is an anonymous fic exchange, so you can’t contact the person you are writing for. Authors will be revealed a couple weeks after the fics are posted.

Important Dates

Sign-ups open July 15th and close July 27th. You will be given your assignment later that week. Depending on how many participants there are, this could be within a day or two or it could take longer. They will be out by July 30th at the latest. All submissions are due by August 28th.

How It Works

  • You will sign up on ao3 and you must have an ao3 account to participate. There will be a post with directions for signing up to follow.
  • You will write out a request and an offer. The request must include at least 3 prompts as well as general information about what you’d like or wouldn’t like in a fic. The offer section will be an explanation of what you are and are not willing to write.
  • You will be e-mailed an assignment and given someone else’s request information. You will anonymously write that person a fic, choosing one of their prompts to fill. Meanwhile, someone else will receive your request and will anonymously be filling one of your prompts. 
  • The completed fic should be at least 4,000 words. There is no maximum length and you are encouraged to write longer fics if possible.
  • If you find that you absolutely cannot finish your assignment within the allowed time period, please contact me as soon as you possibly can. I do understand that things come up, so if you come down with a case of writer’s block or have something happen in your life, please let me know ASAP.
  • If you think you could write more than one fic for the exchange (or if you’re not signed up) and would like to be a pinch hitter, please let me know!
  • You will post your fic to the ao3 collection. If you need help posting, feel free to contact me with questions when the time comes.
  • If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at ziallficexchange or amioriginiall


Read "Shed this skin i've been tripping in"


A Narry/Zouis/Liam+Ed Sheeran AU set in a teenage Rehab facility…sound interesting? Give it a read!!!

Anonymous: "Hey, ummm, remember the Toy Story idea you had a while ago? I'm pretty sure it was Ziam but anyway, I wanted to know if you already published the prompt here cause it sounded really awesome :)"

Omg I remember hat one too, i still have notes on it actually but i went fishing for the prompt in my archive and couldn’t find it whcih is weird but sadly no one ever took that prompt :( 

Edit: Nevermind I found it!!! http://ziall-prompts.tumblr.com/post/81218504387/and-my-second-dream-from-the-night-before-last-was

B T C H Z Y N ♥