Tomlinshaw/Nessie college AU

Louis and Niall are best friends living in a flt off campus. They’ve always been uber competitive with one another constantly challenging each other in various different areas and there latest challenge is to find the ‘biggest boyfriend’ bc apparently they both have a size kink, something they found out Tom Hiddleston was 6’2 in the middle of watching the avengers for the umpteenth time and Hugh Jackman in Wolverine before that and after the latest episode of Supernatural Louis who had been fiddling with his phone as the end credits rolled suddenly sat up and turned wide eyes to Niall.

"Ni, mate Jared Padalecki stands at a whopping 6’4…" so yeah they def had a thing for taller men and so their newest challenge was to find the tallest boyfriend who could not old tower over them but nearly blanket them when they fucked.

Niall who had been toying with going out for the school’s rugby team anyway knew exactly who would make for the perfect big boyfriend, that is if he even swung that way. Niall ‘Bressie to his mates’ Breslin.

So the day of the tryouts niall’s performance is less than stellar but he still manages to catch the eye of the team’s star player, who was quite amused by the fellow irishman. And to Niall’s surprise Bressie invites him to a frat party.

Meanwhile Louis isn’t faring any better he thought his trouble would be actually finding a guy to pursue but nope the first day of the new semester he walks into his advanced lit lecture and spies this fit, incredibly tall and deliciously lean bloke with a quiff so tall it must add at least another foot to his already tall stature, with a smart pair of specs on his nose and a comfy looking jumper that sags a little at the collar.

Louis thinks if nothing else he this may become his favorite class if only for the view. But then the professor enters and to Louis’ dismay introduces Nick to the class as a graduate student from a neighboring university who will be acting as student-teacher for the remainder of the semester.

If this wasn’t bad enough, when Louis and Nick actually get the chance to speak of course Nick would turn out to be a grade A arsehole and Louis really wishes he still didn’t want Grimshaw to bend him over a desk and fuck him because maybe then he could move on to some other ridiculously tall chap with less attitude.

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